FlexiDim™ switches are available in 4 and 8 scene configurations. In addition to the programmable scene buttons, all switches have on/off and manual dimming buttons which are also fully programmable if required.

A choice of switch plate finishes is available (satin stainless steel, satin brass, polished chrome and antique bronze). Blank plates can also be provided to allow your own custom finish to be applied prior to return to JCL for assembly of the FlexiDim™ switch components. Legends are laser etched for durability.

Switch Plates have discrete illumination; a pin–prick LED providing an aesthetically pleasing locator light just above the on/off button. The brighness of each switch plate’s LED can be individually programmed to suit its location.

The Switches in a FlexiDim™ system do not control mains power directly; instead they send messages to the Dimmer Modules via the Switch Controller and Scene Controller. The supply to the Switches is low-voltage, therefore these Switches can be installed in places where a conventional mains switch would be unsafe, such as a bathroom.

Optically isolated switches for use with motion detectors or other types of 'push’ switches are also available as part of the FlexiDim™ system.

As FlexiDim™ is not limited by the concept of pre-defined rooms or ‘zones,’ all switch plate functionality is fully flexible, including which lights are controlled by the on/off function of each switch plate. This means that any switch can be programmed to control any light on the FlexiDim™ system.

Furthermore, whilst the on/off button of a switch can turn the lights in the immediate room or vicinity on and off, the scene buttons are able to control those lights and any others elsewhere in (or outside) the property. This allows the creation of some really useful scenes such as ‘all off’ to turn off every light in the property from a single switch when leaving the house (and this can of course also be combined with switching on exterior lights, opening garage doors, etc). Similarly, a ‘welcome’ scene can be created to turn on various lights around the house when returning home, or a ‘good night’ scene for bedtime.