The following FlexiDim manuals are available to download as Adobe PDF documents:

Current FlexiDim™ Installation Guide  

FlexiDim™ Mounting board template

iPad Configuration Video Guides

iPad Quick Start

FlexiDim™ Comissioning Guide (last PC versions)

FlexiDim™ User Guide (last PC versions)

In addition, there are a number of technical fact sheets that refer to specific components of the FlexiDim™ system:

Advantages of a wired system

FlexiDim™ Overview of Wiring

FlexiDim™ Blind Controller - contact JCL to discuss specific details for your blind motor.

FlexiDim™ Blind Controller Configuration

FlexiDim™ PIR interface

FlexiDim™ 1-10V Dimmer

FlexiDim™ DMX Controller

FlexiDim™ Philips Pronto interface

LED Dimming

Configuring FlexiDim™ for TCP Connectivity

Configuring FlexiDim™ for Serial Connectivity