FlexiDim™ Technical
Configuration Utilities

The FlexiDim™ installation process is straightforward and simple, and the components of the system have been designed with the installer in mind such that:

  • Connections for mains cabling are clearly marked, well spaced and accept up to 2.5 mm2 cable

  • Switch cabling connections are clearly marked on the circuit boards, and use plug connections wherever this assists ease of wiring

  • The location of the Dimmer Modules is flexible, allowing each unit to be installed in the location that is most convenient for wiring to the light fittings that it controls

  • The FlexiDim™ central control units can also be located wherever is convenient for Switch wiring and not necessarily next to the Dimmer Modules

  • Configuration is simple and straight forward, with no links or Switch settings to worry about

  • Subsequent setup (Commissioning) of the system (if performed by the installer), is quick and easy to understand and implement via a iPad App


FlexiDim™ Wiring

A centralised dimmer needs slightly different wiring to a traditional lighting system. In many ways, this wiring is more logical and the ability to locate Dimmer Modules in the vicinity of the lights it controls, rather than in a central position, can save on cost, time and effort during installation.

Mains Wiring

Mains power is fed from the consumer unit to each Dimmer Module via an appropriate MCB (miniature circuit breaker). Each of the Lighting Channels to be controlled is then cabled from the Dimmer Module to the light fittings.

Low Voltage Wiring

The remaining wiring in a FlexiDim™ system is low voltage, and Category 5 (unshielded) cable should be used.