The latest IGBT Dimmer Module is available as a retrofit board, as well as a complete unit for new systems. This allows existing sites to be updated to a dimmer module specifically designed for use with the latest mains-dimmable LEDs.

It supports leading edge and trailing edge dimming, with a minimum load of 1W per channel ensuring that mains dimmable LEDs, including the latest generation of filiament LED lamp, can be dimmed without flickering and even the smallest LED circuit can be accomodated.

The new Dimmer Module also has settings optimised for LED downlights that support very low minimum levels, such as those from Orluna and some of Darklight Design's products.

Existing halogen and tunsten lighting is, of course, still perfectly controlled, with the same 600W maximum as the previous dimmer modules. High power versions are available on request.

It has always been JCL's policy to ensure a migration path for existing clients and we are able to offer attractive upgrade packages that include the latest Scene Controller and iPad/iPhone integration. Contact JCL for details and a specific quotation for updating your system.