FlexiDim™ also contains a number of built-in timers and calculators that enable lighting profiles to created and run based on the time of the day and day of the week.

The automatic Sunset and Sunrise calculator means that FlexiDim™ knows the exact time of dawn and dusk every day of every year, and lighting Scenes can be set to run relative to those times even though they change on a daily basis.

The Scene Processing diagram shows how FlexiDim™ combines these capabilities.

FlexiDim™ installation is simple and straightforward, and many of the components come pre-wired and feature plug-type components for ease of use.

Once installation is complete, the system is commissioned and set up to each user’s specific preferences using the FlexiDim™ Configuration Utilities

The FlexiDim™ manuals are all available in PDF format from this website. Alternatively Contact JCL for copies of these manuals

Every FlexiDim™ system is individually tested prior to dispatch and comes with a 5 year warranty.

JCL offers regular training courses on the different aspects of FlexiDim™ design, specification and installation for architects, interior designers, property developers and electricians as well as a full commissioning and setup service for and technical support via a Freephone number and email. Contact JCL for more information about this or any other of JCL’s services.