FlexiDim™ from JCL is a revolution in affordable high-tech domestic lighting control . It is the first system to offer the sophistication of whole house lighting control at an affordable price. In spite of this sophistication, FlexiDim™ is designed specifically for domestic use with easy to operate, stylish switch plates in a variety of finishes as well as compact control units that are easily installed.

With total control over all the lighting throughout the home, FlexiDim™ offers a departure from the limited functionality of its expensive, cumbersome and inflexible predecessors and competitors.

Using the latest micro controller technology, FlexiDim™ provides a cost effective system for domestic lighting control with capabilities normally only found in hi-tech conference centres, boutique hotels and boardrooms.

With FlexiDim™, scenes can be created that define the light level as well as the transition time to that level, for any number of lights connected to the system. Transition times range from instant up to four hours, allowing lights to change almost imperceptibly. Scenes can also incorporate a timed delay, be linked together, cascaded or used to trigger events to occur at a later time.

Scenes can then be linked to one or more buttons on any switch plate in the system providing total flexibility.

In addition to Scenes that create specific lighting effects, FlexiDim™ provides other useful capabilities. For example, to avoid having to check that all lights are turned off before leaving the property, a scene can be created to do this, which is linked to a button on the switch plates next to the front and back doors (and while you are away, FlexiDim™ can run security sequences to simulate activity in the property).

Another example is a Scene that illuminates the path from a bedroom to the kitchen for night-time use. Levels might be set at 20%, with a softer transition (2 seconds, perhaps) to be easy on the eyes. This scene is linked to a button on the switch plate in a bedroom, with a second press of the same button, turning the same lights off again.