What do we mean by Energy Efficient and Energy Saving Lighting?

Energy Efficiency is all about getting the amount of light you want for less electricity used, while energy saving can just mean using less electricity as a result of having less light. You can save a lot of electricity by sitting in the dark (and cold), but it's not an ideal solution.

Energy saving is quite easy, as we often have lights on when we don't need them, or have them brighter than they need to be. Turning lights off and dimming lights to a comfortable level both save energy. FlexiDim™ can help with both of these simple strategies by making dimming easy and convenient and by having presence detection in certain rooms or using timers, so that lights turn off automatically when the room is not in use.

Making lighting energy efficient involves choosing lights that produce more light for the same amount of electricity, or that use less electricity for the same amount of light emitted. Different types of lighting, such as traditional bulbs, halogen lamps, fluorescent and LED all generate light with different degrees of efficiency - but they do so in different ways and with different effects, which may not always be as pleasing to the eye in every application. LED Lighting

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