FlexiDim™ Technical
Installer Configuration Utility

Once the FlexiDim™ system has been cabled and installed in the property, the iPad App is used to enter the basic settings in to the system. All the lighting circuits and switches are given a meaningful name, and the Basic Switch Assignments (on/off and dimming information for each room or area) are set up. Other information such as the lamp types and any special dimming profiles is also entered here along with the property’s longitude and latitude co-ordinates for sunrise and sunset calculations.

The iPad App incorporates some useful testing and identification tools which make this part of system commissioning very quick and easy.


User Configuration Utility

FlexiDim™ Scenes are created and managed using an iPad which is available in the App Store.

Scene creation is quick and easy, including pictures of the actual switch/button layouts which scenes are simply dropped on to.

The ability to directly control lighting from the iPad allows changes to lighting to be seen immediately to provide the ultimate in interactive use in any area of the property.

To further simplify use, switches, lighting channels and scenes are referred to by meaningful names and can all be arranged into groups, allowing related items to be kept together and easily located.

When changes are complete, the new configuration is downloaded to the Scene Controller and the iPad App can be closed.

Multiple configurations can be created, maybe for different seasons or for security use during holidays, and stored on the iPad. These can be downloaded to the FlexiDim™ system whenever required.

The same software can also be used to perform diagnostic tests on the FlexiDim™ system.