JCL provides Apps for iPad and iPhone, available free of charge from the App Store.

The iPad app provides the tools needed to setup and commission the JCL FlexiDim system as well as allowing Scene creation and modification to be carried out using an iPad rather than a PC. You will also be able to use your iPad as a remote control for the lighting system, both from within the home and when away from the home via the internet.

The iPhone app provides a remote control for the lighting system. The iPod touch is also supported.

Communication with the FlexiDim system is via your existing home hub and wifi network. In addition to the normal wifi security, communication to the FlexiDim system is designed to ensure that only authorised devices can access your lighting system - whether in the house or via the internet.

Using the iPad app, you can create multiple profiles for various users in order to enable which rooms they can control. Adding a user, a house guest for example, is as easy as downloading the JCL app to their iPhone or iPad from the App store and entering an access code that you email or text to them.

iPad and iPhone support can be added to existing FlexiDim systems - contact JCL for details of the upgrade required for this.

Support page for FlexiDim Remote with link to the App Store

Support page for FlexiDim Configuration with link to the App Store

Videos showing Configuration and Remote app use