Configuring the TCP Communication Option

FlexiDim™ may be specified with TCP connectivity for programming, rather than a serial programming socket. TCP offers the advantage of direct integration to a building network, both wired and wireless. In the latter case, configuration and changes can be made with a laptop computer without the need for a cable back to the FlexiDim™ system.

When the TCP option is present, the FlexiDim™ system will need to be allocated an IP address that is consistent with the addresses of the rest of the building network. In most cases, there will be a DHCP server that allocates addresses to devices on the network. As FlexiDim™ requires its IP address to be static, some configuration is required within the network. There are two ways of achieving this:

  1. Define an address for FlexiDim™ that is outside the range of addresses allocated by the DHCP server (but is still within the correct subnet). In this case FlexiDim™ has the IP address entered manually during configuration. Example
  2. Define a permanent IP address within the DHCP server, which will always be allocated to the FlexiDim™ system. In this case FlexiDim™ is configured to obtain an IP address automatically, but is always allocated the same address by the DHCP server. Example

On balance, option 2 is preferable but can be more difficult to implement on some DHCP servers.

In most cases, the DHCP server will be provided by a Router that connects to the Internet. Often, it will also be the Wireless Access Point. Products from companies such as Belkin, LinkSys and Netgear are commonly used.

Direct PC - FlexiDim™ connection

If you want to connect your PC directly to FlexiDim™, you will need an RJ45 crossover cable. These can be purchased from PC World, or other computer outlets.

Unless there is a network device called a DHCP server to give Flexidim its IP address, it will default to and address in the range This is referred to as an Auto IP address, and most devices (like PCs) should do the same in the absence of a DHCP server.

Unless both your PC and FlexiDim have a compatible IP address, the discovery utility will be unable to see the FlexiDim system.

Once you have established communication with the FlexiDim system, you can manually choose an IP address for FlexiDim™, such as, and then set your PC to have a manually entered IP address that is compatible with that. As an example, would be OK.

By default, the port number used for communcation with the FlexiDim™ system is 5273. If you have a specific reason to change this contact JCL for details.

When you have finished, you will need to put your PC back to its original settings to allow it to work with your other networks.


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