Setting the IP address for FlexiDim™

FlexiDim™ software includes a utility to configure the TCP interface

Explore the C:\Program Files\FlexiDim folder and double click on the program called

The screen will identify all FlexiDim™ systems on the network, showing the current IP address as well as the MAC address.

Make a note of the MAC address if you will be reserving the IP address within the DHCP pool as the router will need this information to ensure the correct IP address is allocated.

Click on the option to Configure network setting








Choose whether to obtain the IP adress automatically (from the DHCP pool) or whether to specify it manually.

If you specify an automatic address, it is also worth entering the address that the DHCP server will allocate into the manual section. To do this, select Manually Configure, enter the address and then select Obtain automatically again.

If you specify the IP address manually, make sure that you set the Subnet Mask. This is usually in a small network. If in doubt, ask the person who administers your network.

Set the Default Gateway to be the address of your router.

When you click Save, you will be prompted to reset the device. This restarts the TCP interface in FlexiDim™ and takes about a minute. When complete, the FlexiDim™ system will reappear in the main screen with its new IP address.