Router settings when FlexiDim™ used DHCP to obtain its IP address

In this example, we have set up a subnet using addresses 192.168.2.nn

The router itself has the address of

We have enabled DHCP but limited the range or allocated addressed to be between and The range of addresses allocated by the router is refered to as the DHCP Pool.

Addresses through are therefore within the subnet but will not be allocated by the DHCP server.

The FlexiDim™ system will be set so that it obtains its address from the router and would normally be allocated any free address from the DHCP pool. However, to ensure that FlexiDim™ is always given the same address we have specified its MAC address (unique hardware address) in the address reservation area of the router. When FlexiDim™ asks for an IP address, it will always be given

Setting FlexiDim ™ to obtain its IP address from the DHCP pool