Configuring the Serial Communication Option

If FlexiDim™ is specified with Serial connectivity for programming, your PC will require a serial port. Many new laptops do not have a serial port included in the design so, in this case, a USB to Serial Adapter will be required. RS sells a suitable cable, although any good computer store should also be able to supply one.

If you are using a USB to Serial Adapter, it will require drivers to be installed and these will be provided with the adapter itself. It is important to read the instructions carefully before installing the adapter for the first time and it should then always be plugged into the same USB connector on the PC.

Example of how to install a USB to Serial Adapter

Whether you are using an in-built serial port or a USB to serial Adapter, you will need to determine the serial port number (these are called com1, com2, com3, com4 etc.). The FlexiDim™ configuration software needs this information to know how to connect to the system and once you have established the identity of the serial port, the number is simply entered into the FlexiDim™ Installer Configuration Utility along with other site specific information, such as switch and circuit names.

Determining the serial port number