FlexiDim™ DV10 Interface

The FlexiDim™ DV10 interface provides a 1-10V control signal that is used to pass dimming information to equipment that complies with that standard. This includes dimmable ballasts for fluorescent and compact fluorescent tubes as well as some LED systems and fibre optic systems.

The FlexiDim™ DV10 module, which is only 80mm x 22mm x 20mm, is placed close to the equipment to be dimmed, avoiding the need to run analogue signal over long distances and, especially, close to mains cabling. The FlexiDim™ digital connection, by comparison, is immune to interference and therefore suited to being run over long distances. A single Cat.5 cables is connected from the Scene Controller to the DV10 module and this carries the +12V supply as well as data. The connection to the equipment being controlled in via two wire from the DV module, one for control + and one for control - .

Mains power for the equipment being controlled is provided from a Dimmer Module channel, programmed for on/off operation or a mains relay channel. This is because most equipment that implements the 1-10V standard does not provide a complete off state, relying on the power being removed to achieve this.

The upper and lower limits for the 1-10V interface (i.e the voltage for brightness 1% and brighness 100%) can be programmed along with the tube strike time (for the ballast) and the default value on power-up via the Installer Configuration software supplied with the FlexiDim system. The voltage for 0% brightness is guaranteed to be less than 1 volt, making the module compatible with equipment that provides a fully off state when the control input is below 1V.

DV10 Interface Cabling diagram

At the end of the DV10 module is an RJ45 socket which connects to the FlexiDim™ dimmer data as well as the +12V supply and 0V from the Scene Controller. The pin out for this socket is as follows:

At RJ45
At scene controller
Pin 1
Channel 1 B
Pin 2
Channel 1 A
Pin 3
Green / White
Pin 4
Channel 2 A
Pin 5
Blue / White
Channel 2 B
Pin 6
Pin 7
Brown / White
Pin 8

The colours shown correspond with the colours used on the dimmer data connections as recommended in the FlexiDim™ Installation Guide.