FlexiDim Blind Controller

The FlexiDimBlind Controller responds to messages requesting 0%, 50% and 100% only. If the transition time is set to 0, a default open or close time is used. These defaults are set using the Installer Configuration Utility. By specifying a non-zero transition time results in the blind moving for that period of time. This can be used to half open / half close the blind or curtain.

In the diagrams, the contacts for the two changeover relays are shown in their resting position.

When a 0% command is sent, relay 1 operates for the programmed Up/Open time.

When a 50% command is sent the unit operates in the opposite direction to the previous movement. This is typically used to obtain an open/close function on the same button. Explicit direction control, as used for timed operations, is obtained via the 0% and 100% commands.

When a 100% command is sent, relay 2 operates, followed a fraction of a second later by relay 1 for the programmed Down/Close Time.

Note that multiple blinds/windows may be connected to a single Blind Controller, however all units should have the same up & down times, i.e. be of the same type and size.

Unless the blind/curtain motor to be installed is known for certain, it is suggested that a 3 core+earth mains cable as well as a Cat.5 cable are provided bewteen the blind motor and the installation location for the FlexiDim Blind Controller. This will cover all common blind/curtain motors and types.

Examples or motor wiring


Blind Controller Cabling

Using a single Cat5 cable, the FlexiDim™ Blind Controller is connected to the FlexiDim™ dimmer data as well as the +12V supply and 0V from the Scene Controller via a screw terminal block. The connections are marked on the circuit board and comprise:

Channel 1 A
Channel 1 B
Channel 2 A
Channel 2 B

Other than the additional of a +12V requirement, this is the same connections as used by the FlexiDim™ Dimmer Modules.