Privacy Policy

JCL does not store any personal information, and in particular does not store bank details or credit card information that you may have provided to us when purchasing equipment or servcies.

Your FlexiDim Site ID is used as a identifier for your installation and to verify warranty expiry dates. We may maintain a record of the installation address and email address(es) and/or phone number(s) provided by you. If you have used email to contact us for support, these emails may be archived in the usual way.

JCL do not pass any of your information to third parties, except as require by law. We do not place cookies on your browser and do not engage in any third party advertising schemes where information you pass to us is used to target advertising.

Your lighting system periodically sends a secure heartbeat to JCL servers and this is used to maintain a record of your current public IP address. When away from your local network, and only at the user's explicit request, the App makes a secure connection to this server to look up the current public IP address and facilitate a remote connection via the Internet.

Other than optional storage of configuration files (via email), no data is shared with JCL by the Apps available from the App Store. The Apps do not attempt to modify the behaviour of any network devices and any remote access to your lighting system is subject to your broadband router being correctly configured to allow an inbound connection. Our Apps do not particpate in any advertising schemes either to send you advertisments within the App, nor to collect information that would allows others to send you advertisments.