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The FlexiDim Remote App allows you to control your JCL FlexiDim lighting system via your iPhone or iPod touch. (It will also work with iPad, but the displays are optimized for the iPhone screen sizes). Watch the video to see it working.

No setting up required - the system is automatically detected and the displays are created directly from your system's configuration.

You can adjust lights, curtains, blinds and anything else controlled by your FlexDim system by pressing buttons or controlling each circuit manually via sliders. You can also create your own scenes and store them as buttons on your device.

If you have colour changing LEDs in a room, a colour wheel button appears - touch this and the colour wheel appears. Just move your finger on the colour wheel and the lights change accordingly. There are some presets and you can also save your favorite colours

You will require Version 2 of the FlexiDim Network Interface for the App to communicate with your system. This can be fitted to all FlexiDim systems, both new and existing. Email for purchase details.

Your devices will also need to be using iOS8 or above.

Version 2.0 now supports connections via the public internet when away from your wifi network. Click here for instructions on setting up your router to allow remote connections.

If your FlexiDim system does not yet have the new network interface, there is a simulator to allow you to see the App working.

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