Remote App
FlexiDim™ Configuration App

With the JCL iPad Configuration App, setting up and controlling your FlexiDim lighting system just got even easier. Watch the videos to see how easy it is, or download the quick reference guide.

Whether you want to make a small change to some settings, create a complete new set of lighting scenes or set up a profile for a guest's iPhone, using the iPad App is going to make everything quicker and easier.

Working through your wifi network, the App lets you make changes to scenes while sitting in the room. As you make adjustments, the lights change around you. When you're done, touch a button and the changes are permanently saved to your lighting system

You can have as many configurations as you like, so that your system perfectly matches your requirements whether for summer, winter or a party. Backing up your settings is easy, with a single button touch to email your configuration to JCL's servers. You can have them emailed back to your iPad from your account on the JCL website. No more lost files when a PC dies.

If you're installing a new system, the iPad App provides powerful tools for identifying & testing lights and switches. Everything is organised around rooms and areas, so things are easy to find and quick to configure. Once you've named all the lights and switches, a few button presses create a set of default settings which form a starting point for fine tuning lighting scenes.

Click on the App Store logo at the top of the page to download.

You will require Version 2 of the FlexiDim Network Interface for the App to communicate with your system. This can be fitted to all FlexiDim systems, both new and existing. Email for purchase details.

Your devices will also need to be using iOS8 or above

If you have any questions regarding these products, please email